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international markets. Some of the premium advantages of UAE free zones include:

Registering your company in a freezone is attractive for the following reasons:  

100% foreign company ownership
100% repatriation of capital and profits
Exemption from all import and export duties
No corporate tax
No dividend tax
Abundant and inexpensive energy
Competitive labor costs, skilled labor force and easy recruitment procedures
’One-stop-shop’ Administration services
On-site customers inspection
Companies registered in a Free Zone can operate 24 hours a day
No personal income tax
No customs duties (within the area)
Free capital transfer
Foreign company ownership
Liberal Visa regulations
Speedy business setup & licensing
Low overhead
Availability of an ample, skilled workforce
Ready access to a potential market of 2 billion consumers
At sohanconsultancy.com, our services related to company setup and business support in the UAE include:

Planning and designing a business structure for your UAE Free Zone Company
Determining the most suitable banking institute for your business
Establishing the most effective residency visa for you and your employees
Services to help you identify the right Free Zone in the UAE
Solutions for completing your company’s incorporation and licensing
Help with regulatory compliance
In-depth advice on UAE Free Zone operations/success
If you need seamless support setting up your business in the UAE and want to get off the ground at rock-bottom costs, sohanconsultancy.com is here for you.

Setup Your Free Zone Company in the UAE
Doing business in the United Arab Emirates offers many advantages. To get the most out of these benefits, delegate the job of company formation to Flying Colour Business Setup Services (sohanconsultancy.com). We’re a UAE management consultancy team with a proven track record of success. Just consider these competitive benefits of doing business out of UAE:

No corporate tax.
No income tax for employees in all business sectors.
No barriers to trade, currency, or foreign exchange.
As one of the leading UAE-based management consultancy firms, sohanconsultancy.com can cost-effectively research your prospects of a UAE company, establish your physical presence in the Emirates, and guide you to a future of prosperity. Our management consultants can help you set up your company, open local and international bank accounts, and obtain residency visas. sohanconsultancy.com is able to assist in all aspects from completing the incorporation process to installing your company in our business center, we’ve got you covered.

Our Strengths
Experienced & dedicated consultants
Specialized expertise in UAE business formation
Able to meet any and all UAE business consultancy needs in one roof
Creative, customized solutions to achieve your unique vision
We pride ourselves on delivering where others fail
So whether you require advice on how to set up a company in UAE, need consultancy on a UAE residency visa, or anything else related to conducting business in UAE and the UAE, sohanconsultancy.com is here to help you.

For more details, you may contact:
Sohan Singhal
Mob.:- +971 5 2890 2890
Website: http://www.sohanconsultancy.com

Uae Free Zones has always been eager to assist investors and businessmen in making a reality of their goal of experiencing the most talked about business freedom in the UAE Free zones. Our services include, complete documentation for licensing, visiting various sites suited to clients' requirement, assisting in visa application & residence permit and banking.

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